Meeting Erika Zumsteg, 2023.

We released this three part series back in 2021. A major contribution to our review, research and ultimately the podcast was from Monika’s younger sister, Erika. We’ve kept in touch with Erika since that time. So we were delighted when she announced she would be visiting the UK with her husband, Tom.

Below are some photos taken on the day that Sally and John met Erika and Tom:

Meeting Erika Zumsteg

Left: Sally and Erika at The Boot pub, Chinnor Road, High Wycombe.
Right:  Erika and Tom with John and Sally after their first ‘in person’ meeting.

Meeting Eika and Tom

Steve, Erika and Tom at the Boot pub.

Meeting Eika and Tom

What used to be Michael and Monika’s home has now been renamed and reconfigured. Here’s John and Erika chatting with one of the occupants.

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