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In the latest episode of our podcast dealing with the murder of Monika Zumsteg Telling. John talks again about all the books he has in his collection, so we thought it would be fun to share an image from our own truecrime bookshelf. What do you think? We’d love you to share your own bookshelves with us (so leave a comment below, or reply to us on twitter.) Show us your photos of what you’ve read, reading and have loving kept for years! Lets share all the #books 📚 👍

The Murder Of Monika Zumsteg Part 2: The Words of Christina Percy

Thank you for joining us for this second part of our three part #truecrime investigation into the murder of Monika Zumsteg Telling. In this second part, we discuss the troubled marriage between Monika and Michael in the UK. Talking to the police officer Steven Thrift, who had to intervene when Michael’s behavior became more violent and who discovered Michael’s illegally smuggled guns.

We also continue our interview with Erika, who sadly tells us about the day she was told the tragic news about her sisters death.

In this video clip from this new episode; voice actress Katherine McDermott reads and performs the words of Christina Percy, who was a very good friend of Monika and saw first-hand the violent behaviour of Michael Telling and head deal with the distressing disappearance of her best friend until the day a story came on the news that a headless body had been discovered in a wooded area near Exeter.

The Murder Of Monika Zumsteg Telling – Part 1: A Chance Meeting

In the Autumn of 1980, a young aristocratic Englishman, Michael Telling, was in Sausalito, a city in Marin County, California, across the Golden Gate Strait from San Francisco, USA.

He was riding a special edition Harley Davidson motorcycle. A chance meeting with an American couple, Lou and Elsa Zumsteg, their daughter Erika and other friends, whilst out for a motorcycle ride, was to change their lives forever.

Join us for the first of our three part #truecrime investigation into the murder of Monika Zumsteg Telling. As we interview the family of the victim and the police officers involved in the investigation. Discussing with each other the breakdown of a doomed relationship, and the sometimes destructive power of wealth.