Our New Series Coming in 2022 – The Murder of Joan Mary Woodhouse

Joan Mary Woodhouse was an independent, single, bright, well loved, 27 year old librarian living in London. Her father John and his 2nd wife Hilda, lived in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Joan’s body was found on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th August 1948 in Arundel Park, West Sussex, she was partially dressed and had been raped and strangled.

Following an initial email sent to us by author Martin Knight, we decided to investigate this murder in more depth and we found ourselves falling down a rabbit hole, as we literally opened a case of mystery.

We are currently recording interviews on location and getting ready to release this multiple-part series on our podcast feed in early 2022. Make sure you’re subscribed to us so you can get all these new episodes automatically when they’re released.

Our Adventure At CrimeCon UK 2021

CrimeCon, the world’s No.1 True Crime event came to London on the 25th/26th of September, 2021. It was a weekend bringing together documentary makers, experts, podcasters and law enforcement professionals to meet with true crime enthusiasts and delve deeper into cases, examine evidence and hear real life stories from survivors and victims’ families.

We were there all weekend long; part of PodcastRow featuring an amazing collection of TrueCrime podcasters talking and interacting directly with their listeners & each other. Here are a few photos of what happened over the weekend.

The two of us at our own podcast presentation table on ‘Podcast Row’; meeting and talking with all our fans and listeners.

The first true-crime podcast we listened to and inspired us to start our own show was ‘They Walk Among Us’. Here I am with Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton.

It was brilliant to meet and chat with Melody and Simona, our newest listeners. Thanks ladies for our lovely chats over the weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon.

A big shout out to Emily from the Morbidology podcast.

Here is the captivating Sinead from the Mens Rea podcast. Brilliant to chat with you, see you soon.

Here is John with Sarah Ferris from the excellent ‘Conning The Con’ podcast

We were fascinated to hear the story of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ who worked as undercover cops for many years. Hopefully we will be chatting to them soon in a future podcast.

These are our new true-crime buddies, Chantelle from the ‘Lady Justice’ podcast and Paul from ‘True Crime Enthusiast’ podcast.

We recently contacted by Dr Sohom Das who is a Forensic Psychiatrist and got chatting via Zoom. Fortunately we caught up with him this weekend. We are looking forward to collaborating on future cases

The Murder Of Monika Zumsteg Telling – Part 3: Ruined Familes

Welcome to the final part of our #truecrime investigation into the murder of Monika Zumsteg Telling. In this third episode we discuss what happened after Monika’s headless body was discovered in a wooded area near Exeter Racecourse. We also talk about how Michael had tried to cover up the murder; which had happened five months earlier when Monika was shot and killed and how he had kept Monika’s body in the outdoor Sauna at Lambourne House. Followed by his arrest and subsequent trial in 1984.

Violent crimes and murders. They can affect and leave deep scars on even the most strongest of families. So we again talk with Erika (Monika’s sister) and discuss how the Zumsteg family tried to cope with their loss and the deep pain it caused them over the years.

If we can, we hope we have helped give Monika a voice during these three episodes and helped tell her sad side of the story to all of you.

Also thanks to Evidence Locker Podcast for allowing us to use a clip from their own episode.