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New Episode Online Now – The Murder of Joan Woodhouse

We’re back with a brand new #TrueCrime investigation as we look into the murder of Joan Woodhouse, whose body was discovered in Arundel Park, West Sussex on Tuesday August 10th, 1948. She had been raped and strangled.

But why was she at that location? She had told everybody she was going in the opposite direction to the North of England to visit her family. So what happened to her on that scorching hot August Bank Holiday weekend?

Join us both, as we travel to the scene of the murder to uncover the truth, talk to a number of experts, family connections and look into a literal ‘case of mystery’.

Can we uncover what really happened?

Researched and presented by John & Sally. Produced and Edited by Peter Beeston. Narration by Angela Ness.

Justice for Joan : The Arundel Murder by Martin Knight, is available on Amazon

Our case notes are available here and the contents from the briefcase are here.


The Michael Pritchard Murder

In the new episode of ‘True Crime Investigators UK’, we look at the tragic death of Michael Pritchard, a delivery driver for Business Express in the Staffordshire and Derbyshire area. Who on Wednesday the 12th November 1997, was murdered by a young man who tried to steal his van and in doing so, ran him over and killed him.

The murder is still undetected and as John was originally the family liaison officer in the case; this is still an investigation that he often thinks about. We hope by looking further into what happened on that day and talking to Michael’s widow Hilary, we can tell you more about their story and ask you to help us catch the people responsible.

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Episodes 1-3: ‘The Wendy Sewell Murder’ are now online

In the first three episodes of ‘True Crime Investigators UK’ we investigate the murder in 1973 of Wendy Sewell in Bakewell Cemetery. We discuss the background to the crime, interview Stephen Downing who was initially arrested and convicted of the crime (but whose conviction was overturned in 2002), travel to the scene of the brutal attack in Bakewell, and ask the question if Stephen didn’t kill Wendy; then who did?

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We’re very happy with the way the show has come together and the quality of these first three episodes. We plan to continue in this style and are already investigating and recording interviews for future episodes. But if you have any ideas of ways we can improve, then leave a comment or drop us message to admin@truecrimeinvestigators.co.uk