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New Series of Episodes Coming Soon – The Murder of Monika Zumsteg

In the Autumn of 1980, a young aristocratic Englishman, Michael Telling, was in San Francisco Bay, California, USA, he was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A chance meeting with an American couple, Lou and Elsa Zumsteg, their daughter Erika and other friends whilst out for a motorcycle ride, was to change their lives forever.

A multiple series of episodes looking into this heartbreaking and compelling case, featuring interviews with the family and police officers involved in the case, will be available on our podcast feed  this spring.

New Episode on The 13th of August

A new episode of ‘True Crime Investigators’ will be released this Thursday the 13th, dealing with the murder of Michael Pritchard in 1997 and talking emotionally with his widow Hilary. Produced by Cornucopia Radio working with Derbyshire Police and with help from the media students at Derby University.