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The Michael Pritchard Murder

In the new episode of ‘True Crime Investigators UK’, we look at the tragic death of Michael Pritchard, a delivery driver for Business Express in the Staffordshire and Derbyshire area. Who on Wednesday the 12th November 1997, was murdered by a young man who tried to steal his van and in doing so, ran him over and killed him.

The murder is still undetected and as John was originally the family liaison officer in the case; this is still an investigation that he often thinks about. We hope by looking further into what happened on that day and talking to Michael’s widow Hilary, we can tell you more about their story and ask you to help us catch the people responsible.

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New Episode on The 13th of August

A new episode of ‘True Crime Investigators’ will be released this Thursday the 13th, dealing with the murder of Michael Pritchard in 1997 and talking emotionally with his widow Hilary. Produced by Cornucopia Radio working with Derbyshire Police and with help from the media students at Derby University.

John and Sally talking about the podcast on TalkRadio

John and Sally appeared on TalkRadio on the 11th of July to talk about our TrueCrime podcast to presenter Mark Dolan. They discussed the fascination of still investigating crimes (even though they are both retired). As well as our previous investigation into the Wendy Sewell murder and the new investigation into the death of Michael Pritchard.

You can listen here: