CrimeCon, the world’s No.1 True Crime event came to London on the 25th/26th of September, 2021. It was a weekend bringing together documentary makers, experts, podcasters and law enforcement professionals to meet with true crime enthusiasts and delve deeper into cases, examine evidence and hear real life stories from survivors and victims’ families.

We were there all weekend long; part of PodcastRow featuring an amazing collection of TrueCrime podcasters talking and interacting directly with their listeners & each other. Here are a few photos of what happened over the weekend.

The two of us at our own podcast presentation table on ‘Podcast Row’; meeting and talking with all our fans and listeners.

The first true-crime podcast we listened to and inspired us to start our own show was ‘They Walk Among Us’. Here I am with Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton.

It was brilliant to meet and chat with Melody and Simona, our newest listeners. Thanks ladies for our lovely chats over the weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon.

A big shout out to Emily from the Morbidology podcast.

Here is the captivating Sinead from the Mens Rea podcast. Brilliant to chat with you, see you soon.

Here is John with Sarah Ferris from the excellent ‘Conning The Con’ podcast

We were fascinated to hear the story of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ who worked as undercover cops for many years. Hopefully we will be chatting to them soon in a future podcast.

These are our new true-crime buddies, Chantelle from the ‘Lady Justice’ podcast and Paul from ‘True Crime Enthusiast’ podcast.

We recently contacted by Dr Sohom Das who is a Forensic Psychiatrist and got chatting via Zoom. Fortunately we caught up with him this weekend. We are looking forward to collaborating on future cases