When the author Martin Knight meet Lena Bamber, who was a very good friend of Joan Woodhouse, she gave him an attache case which contained a collection of numerous items related to the murder and of Joan’s life.

Letters, photos, books and press clippings; it was a treasure trove of ephemera and represented the hopes and fears Joan’s family had of bringing somebody to justice for her murder.

With the permission of the family. We want to share with you just a few of the items in the case. We hope they will help you understand the investigation more and will be of interest as historical documents to archivists and those wanting to know more about UK life in the late 1940’s.

The Case Given to Martin by Lena

The Dedication to Joan at the Start of the Photo Album

Photographs of Joan in a Bunny Costume

Photographs of Joan in a Princess Costume

The Rules of Life Joan Lived By

Joan at University College London in 1947

Joan and Her Two Aunts, Who She Called Nan and Nida

Joan’s Place Of Work at the National Library in 1948

Letter To The Director of Public Prosecutions

Letter To Justice Humphries

Letter to The Prosecuting Counsel, From Annie and Ida