Episodes 1-3: ‘The Wendy Sewell Murder’ are now online

In the first three episodes of ‘True Crime Investigators UK’ we investigate the murder in 1973 of Wendy Sewell in Bakewell Cemetery. We discuss the background to the crime, interview Stephen Downing who was initially arrested and convicted of the crime (but whose conviction was overturned in 2002), travel to the scene of the brutal attack in Bakewell, and ask the question if Stephen didn’t kill Wendy; then who did?

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We’re very happy with the way the show has come together and the quality of these first three episodes. We plan to continue in this style and are already investigating and recording interviews for future episodes. But if you have any ideas of ways we can improve, then leave a comment or drop us message to admin@truecrimeinvestigators.co.uk


  1. This is truly one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I listen to true crime podcasts 24/7 and yours is, by far, my favorite. The style, the interviews, the production, the pace, and I could go on and on. This is truly well done.

  2. This is the first true crime podcast that both myself and my husband have listened to. From the word go we were both enthralled in what came next. On conclusion and summary of the case this definitely gave us cause for further discussion and speculation into the case of the Yorkshire Ripper.
    The podcast was wonderfully presented and very professional, we certainly cannot wait until the next True Crime Investigation. We will definitely recommend and share this with our friends and family.

  3. This really shows how incompetent Derbyshire policing had become by that time. It is a situation that continued for decades and it is still struggling to become a truly competent force. Wendy Sewell and Michael Pritchard are testaments to the reality of policing in Derbyshire.

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