Our BookShelf

In the latest episode of our podcast dealing with the murder of Monika Zumsteg Telling. John talks again about all the books he has in his collection, so we thought it would be fun to share an image from our own truecrime bookshelf. What do you think? We’d love you to share your own bookshelves with us (so leave a comment below, or reply to us on twitter.) Show us your photos of what you’ve read, reading and have loving kept for years! Lets share all the #books 📚 👍

Operation Julie: Coming Soon

Our next #TrueCrime episode (coming later this Autumn) will be a 2-part investigation into ‘Operation Julie’, one of the world’s biggest ever counter-drug operations.

We’ll be talking with Stephen Bentley who went undercover to crack the case.

So what are your own thoughts on covering a story like this? How would you like us to approach it and what subjects should be covered in depth? Leave us a comment below.