Welcome to ‘True Crime Investigators UK’, our new ‘True Crime’ podcast which will be looking at unsolved crimes, important criminal cases and delving further into the procedural process.

John was a police officer for 30 years and for most of his service was a Detective Investigating crime. Sally served for 12 years as a police officer and was also a Detective. On leaving the police, Sally retrained and qualified as a barrister, then transferred her qualification and became a solicitor. Initially working in civil law, she then went back to her roots and practised in criminal law.

Now we are both retired and after nearly 28 years of marriage, we can now concentrate on our shared interests. We cannot get away from our fascination with the world of crime and investigation. We both read avidly and then began listening to podcasts at the end of 2018. We tried a few true crime ones, on the whole they were well researched and interesting. However, many of them sounded scripted and one dimensional, so we started talking about making our own podcast and what it would sound like.

We decided it ought to be more conversational and analytical and not just us doing the talking. We thought if we interviewed parties involved such as police officers and professional experts or even witnesses and suspects, it would bring depth to the podcast.

After talking about it at great length and throwing ideas around, we agreed to try it out. We recognised that as professional investigators we didn’t have the knowledge or the application to produce a podcast. We searched the internet and found there was a podcast meet up hosted in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. We went along wondering whether this would be for us, will we be out of place, not of the generation of podcasters? But we were very pleasantly surprised, the group were welcoming, friendly, informative and helpful and we hooked up with a fabulous producer to bring our podcast together. We have the contacts and the content and he brings good production to the table. We have different skill sets but by putting us together it works well, at least we hope you’ll find that it does.

It’s been a steep learning curve and we can only improve with time, so come on this journey with us, let’s see where it takes us…

If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss the show and our #truecrime investigations further, you can email us at admin@truecrimeinvestigators.co.uk